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Christian has 20 years investigative experience, mainly in the covert arena, with 16 years exemplary service as a Scotland Yard detective. As well as being a published author, with several literary projects in the pipeline, he has private sector experience in covert investigations, security management and planning, risk and loss prevention, surveillance, physical security and training.

A qualified CELTA English teacher, Christian is able to speak fluent French, excellent Russian and German, and rudimentary Dutch.

Christian has appeared on several BBC radio programmes, including the World Service and Radio 4. He has been featured on Channel 5 TV, The Discovery Channel and ITV, as well as in articles in The Times, The Sun and The Observer. He is widely sought for his insight and commentary into undercover and traditional policing in the UK. Christian has provided consultancy for impending TV drama.

Christian has dealt with varied consultancy projects, multi-national security training inputs, presentations to academia, as well as furthering his journalistic aspirations. 

Christian is a member of the National Union of Journalists and is currently concentrating on several projects relating to state surveillance and the media, and protection of journalistic sources.

Christian is now based in the UK, loves London, and whilst studying, works for a major London employer on the frontline of the capital, where he can adhere to his values of public service without being the corporate 'yes man' which so many modern employers desire.